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by Pareen Lathia on Monday, September 25, 2017


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Technical level


Discuss, debate, ideate and be a part of an interactive session to help design a space for artists where they learn without ridicule, create without inhibitions and imagine without the chains of morality or censorship.

It does not fall strictly in a category. It is more of a ideation/discussion for a new project to germinate in TGP.


Art is the only faculty that speaks the truth today. Everyone else has an incentive to tell you otherwise. Politicians will not be in power if they let people know the truth, businesses will not have any workforce if they admit that they drain the creativity and soul out of each one of them, healthcare will not have any patients if they invest in preventive care and education, press will have not TRPs if they try to explain the boring truth while their competitors shout at the top of their voices, Big Tech has an incentive to keep us addicted - like Big Tobacco and alcohol companies in the last century, education has an incentive to churn out workers of standard specifications.

In this circus of democracy, only artists can speak the truth and have an incentive to do so. Artists are a known exception in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Today, more than ever, we need more artists to imagine, create a world where these interests are aligned.

Art is the only respite.

We are creating ImagiNation - an artists’ hostel that aims to be this world where art exists in its purest form and an artist gets a safe space to practice their craft, create without inhibitions and get inspired by other artists.


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Speaker bio

Pareen was a tech entrepreneur in Mumbai who quit the city life to relocate to Goa where he co-founded Happy Panda Hostel in the hippie town of Arambol. While the hostel was mostly filled with artists, it was not designed for them. So this year, they’re building ImagiNation - a home where artists can stay, work, collaborate and get inspired.