How to create an alternate career - Lessons from an entrepreneur turned writer/professional poker player

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by Mayank Jain on Tuesday, September 26, 2017

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To share lessons on creating an alternate career from scratch in a short time - maximizing efficienct and output. We’ll learn how to break the constraints of location, lack of knowledge and network, and financial insecurity.


I got my education as a Mechanical Engineer. My first job was as a coder. The company I built and sold was a music startup. Then I self-published a book. And now, I am a professional poker. I am 28.

I’ve always been interested in ‘variety’. And I also like succeeding. So how do you avoid being a jack of all trades even if you like to dabble in different trades? I think I have a solution, a series of steps if you will. They have helped me to achieve a level of competence in my chosen field in a relatively short amount of time. I would like to share those steps with you.

If you like the works of people like Tim Ferriss and Derek Sivers, you might enjoy this session. See you all there.

Speaker bio

Mayank Jain is a writer who plays poker for a living.
He was the co-founder of, an indie music discovery site which was acquired by Times Internet in 2014. He has written one book called ‘Restart - Lessons from one startup for another’. Currently, he lives in Goa, plays poker and writes about his experiments with living a simpler, more mindful life.
He is a graduate of IIT Roorkee.