How alternate Cryptocurrencies (apart from Bitcoin) will change the world we know

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by Vijaykrishna Ramanathan on Wednesday, September 27, 2017

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Technical level


Objective is to shed insights on how certain industries like Arts, Media, Insurance, e-commerce, Privacy, Payments etc.. will get disrupted in the next 3 years by the introduction of alternate Cryptocurrencies backed by Blockchain


Indians are yet to completely understand the Bitcoin saga,but behind the scenes there are 1000+ other alternate cryptocurriences that have entered in the Global market in the last two years alone. Each of these currencies are designed to impact & distrupt an Industry we are dealing in our every day life. The Session will showcase someof the most promissing Glboal solutions that has either already being adopted or in the process of getting adopted in different countries, using Cryptocurreny & Blockchain. We would be covering industries like Media, Content, E-commerce, Payments & Data Security.

Speaker bio

I am the Co-Founder Codemojo, the first Indian startup which has successfully designed a Global Rewards Network and scheduled an ICO to launch our own Cryptocurrency. Codemojo itself has been in the customer engagement space engaging millions of users every month for our Brand and Publisher Partners through our Technology solution. Personally, I come with a 10+ years of consulting experience in sectors like Education, Advertising, Supply Chain Management, Media & Customer Engagement.