Observe - Present - Preserve

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by Tahaer Zoyab on Wednesday, September 27, 2017


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Technical level


Initiatives to observe the architectural and geological histories within cities, recognize the conservation efforts of the residents and strike up a conversation about the significance of culture and heritage.
The spaces we create and live in serve as a background to our lives. As a result, they reflect the characteristics
of different ways of life over time. We hope to gather the lived histories of the people and locate them in the
context of an evolving urban context as tradition interacts with modernity.


A peek into the initiatives that showcase ways in which one can ‘observe’ the treasures a city offers and use unique formats to ‘present’ such content, ideas, information and stories untold. ‘Preserve’ is a longer conversation which needs ‘observe’x’present’x’the Goa project maybe?’

Speaker bio

Tahaer is an architect and urban designer with an interest in graphics and multi-faceted design. His work experience as an architect/ tour guide/ site worker in New York City gave him a set palette of skills to start work “On Our Own”. He is Partner and Principal Designer at Triple O Studio, a young Chennai-based multi disciplinary design studio.