Raising funds for your causes in unconventional ways

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by Peter Griffin on Wednesday, September 27, 2017


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Technical level


Sharing learnings from an initiative I started that used social media to raise awareness (and funds) for causes I support.


I used Twitter to broadcast that I would write silly poems in return for donations to a cause. That worked well, and Pratham Books got some donations. So I did another edition where I invited other people in, to offer things they could do. It went very well, both in getting awesome people to volunteer their time &/or skills &/or products, and raising funds and awareness of WheelsForLife.
I also have experience to offer on other collaborative online efforts, but those are from much further in the past.


You’d find it more interesting if you have a cause, or an organisation doing good work, which you’d like to support.

Speaker bio

Journalist, blogger, writer, amateur artist, lazybones. Informally and formally advisor to some non-profits. Was part of teams that did some innovative online collaborations back in the oughties. Can write silly poetry on demand. Some of it can be funny.