Misusing Feminism

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by Madhavi B on Friday, September 29, 2017


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Technical level


To debate those times when the feminism idea is hijacked for personal gains and why it’s such a dangerous threat to the idea of equality itself!


Hey there! I stand for the rights of a woman! I know of many women and many more men who do the same. But, at the same time I (I am sure you too!) see a lot of times where the idea is blatantly misused, hurting those genuine ones who really care about making a difference in a woman’s life. In my opinion, this ambiguous and broad definition of feminism is not doing us women (and men) any good. The debate is about ‘should we restate the objectives of feminism in minute details?’ ‘Is it even possible?’

Speaker bio

My name is Madhavi Bodepudi. I have no past glory and no future promise. What I only have is the confidence that you will not be disappointed with the session. I bring passion into anything that I do NOW.