Memories of My Land

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by Bhargabi Das on Friday, September 29, 2017

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I have no other objective except sharing some tunes personally picked up from the greenary, river sides, starry skied, earthy smelling land of mine.


I don’t think i am rooted to anywhere. It’s my memories that keeps me connected. When I nurture them, I can feel the melodies ringing, buzzing and humming in my unconcious. From the sound of a water droplet to the sound of wind in a winter forest is music for me. So, i want to talk about the memories melodiously.


A mic. and people who would like to listen and if someone can play the Guiter, that would be nice. If not then Okay.

Speaker bio

I learned an Indian classical instrument for 16years. And I dont have any vocal training. Singing become a breathing practice for me. I ran away to Ajmerh After my tenth grade just to listen to some sufi music. From then onwards my family became more supportive and let me roam and find new tunes. I reseach forms ands philosophy of music while travelling to new places. I love performing in streets as my music also came from streets. And some technical informations about me are I am a philosophy graduate and working in mumbai for films research currently.