An audiophile's listening experience.

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by Buland Shukla on Sunday, October 1, 2017

Music and Sound

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Technical level


To understand and generate wareness about the finesse of audio technology available. In the age of mobility where even t-shirts have speakers, we have forgotten what actual music sounds like and have been debased to a state of content with sub-par technology. In a time when listening to music on the phone speakers is more than acceptable, one needs to know the complexities involved in a high quality audio reproduction.


The audiophile listening experience: What goes on in recreating the best possible listening experience for recorded music. The technologies involved right from the LP records, to turn tables to phono stages, to tube amps, integrated amps and loudspeakers.

Speaker bio

I am an architect specializing in Acoustics, a muscian for ‘The Banjara Quartet’ and a consultant for hi-end audiophile setups.