Acting Kindly

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by Greg Acuna on Monday, October 2, 2017

Interactive Media & Cinema

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Demonstrate the revolutionary cooperative social impact game Acting Kindly.


Planet Earthlings has created the “Acting Kindly” app/game for Android and iOS. It encourages players to practice random acts of kindness and playful deeds to spread joy. In “Quest Mode” solo users can draw cards from different decks and put each mission in their quest list to share with friends and report back when they are completed. “Game Mode” is a unique multiplayer, cooperative, experience played out in public spreading joy and immediately making the world a happier place. It can be played at school, neighborhoods, events or any public venue.

As a demo this can be both a set display where people can see and understand the game, but it can also be setup with games being played around the venue at set times. The game really changes the joy level of any location, breaks down barriers and creates beautiful unexpected contact between people.

This could also be the jumping off point for people to start the #7DaysActingKindly challenge.


Computer, monitor (projector even better) and if there is a public WiFi people could use to download the app it would be an interesting addition. Of course people could download it on their mobile internet.

Speaker bio

Bio: Greg Acuna – has an unusual combination of creative and business experience writing, directing and producing media projects, managing complex ventures for major companies and as an innovative serial entrepreneur. He has a degree in political science from University of Southern California and a Masters degree in playwriting from San Francisco State University. He has written/directed one feature film, co-written two other produced features, been a script doctor on several projects, directed an animation/live-action TV pilot as well as theatre plays.

Other accomplishments include several independent productions of his plays, poetry published in four countries, composing songs, directing music videos and writing two novels. He has taught screenwriting at the university level, written articles for animation magazines and judged film festivals including “Chitrakatha” at India’s prestigious National Institute of Design.

He has also been a consultant for Paramount Pictures, Exchange Cubed, Arthur Anderson, CNA and others. In business he specializes in assisting companies with strategy including putting difficult IT projects back on track. In the past few years he has concentrated on writing and homeschooling/unschooling his 12 year old daughter studying and exploring alternative forms of learning. He’s currently working on “Planet Earthlings” an educational gaming platform to empower children to change the world.