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by Ranjitha Rajeevan on Tuesday, October 3, 2017


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Technical level


Anyone can tell a story! By the end of the session everyone could break their barriers to express themselves.


Zines are like tiny magazines handmade and cheaply printed form of expression on any subject.
Zines are not a new idea. They have been around in different forms and under different names viz. pamphlets, flyers, and handout etc. ever since the time when people loved to share their ideas and had means to spread them e.g. printing presses.
There are no constraints when it comes to making a zine. Any topic from a personal diary to complex quantum physics to celeb gossip column can be made into a zine. And to make one you just need a piece of paper, your idea, will to make one and a printing apparatus which can me hand screens to photocopy machine to a sophisticated printing machine.


Photocopy Machine, A4 sheet papers, basic stationary, pair of hands , brain and a LOT OF IDEAS TO SHARE
A medium with no boundaries or rules. Age no bar.

Speaker bio

I am an film maker, animator, illustrator, storyteller, educator. I love experimenting with different mediums of storytelling. My current obsession is making zines.

My body of works
Keli (independent student film)
Amore d inverno (Lead animator)
Flight (a film for teri)
Unni (Short group student film )
and many many more

AWARDS for Keli
Best!Animator!award!/ Mumbai International!Film!Festival (MIFF)!– 2014
Special!Mention!Award!– Bangalore!International!Short!Film!Festival!(BISFF)!– 2014
1st!place!in!World!Cultures!category!!/ Anim!arte!(Brazil)!– 2014
Best!Animated!Short!Film!(student)!– 24!FPS!International!Animation!Award!/ 2014!
5th DADASAHEBPHALKE!Film!festival!– JURY!AWARD!/ 2015
Chennai!International!Short!Film!Festival!– 2014
ViBGYOR!International!Documentary!and!Short!Film!Festival!– 2014
International Documentary!and Short!Film!Festival of!Kerala!(IDSFFK)/ 2014
Reanimania!(Armenia)!– 2014
Anim!arte!(Brazil)!– 2014
Jump!the!cut!(Singapore)!– 2014
Jaipur!International!Film!Festival!– 2015
5th Siliguri!International!Short!film!and!Documentary!Contest!– 2015
IAWRT!India!festival!– 2015
WIFTI!Shortcase!– 2015
Detour!(Rome)!/ 2014
Beginning!Film!Festival! (Russia)!– (Cine!Parallel!NON!Competition section) / 2014
FIC!PUEBLA!non/competition category!– 2014
South!Asian!Film!Festival – 2014
– 2014 Women!At!Work!– 2014
Chilappadikaram!festival!(Kochi/Muziris!Biennale!Segment) / 2015

Film: UNNI (classroom project)
ASIFA- Best Stopmotion Film (2010)
CG TANTRA – Best Experimental Animation (2011)
CHITRAKATHA – Runner up (2011)
MIFF – Special Jury Mention (2012)
CMS International Film Festival Lucknow (2012) – Special Jury Mention
ANIFEST 2010 - Nomination
MONSTRA (PORTUGAL) (2011) - Nomination
JAIPUR International Film Festival (2012) – Nomination
 Film: DHWANI (classroom group project) – ANIFEST (2010) (Nominated)  Film: FLIGHT (commissioned group project) –
5TH International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala 2012 (Nominated)
CMS VATAVARAN (2013) (Nominated)