March 28, Track I

About The Goa Project

The Goa project is an attempt of a volunteer-run, passionate individuals who are entrepreneurs, designers, artists, musicians and the likes to create a forum where they can speak beyond the languages of their profession. We are young, energetic and as such the forum is not for the "done and retiring", but for the "up and coming" generation, and the hope is that through the fusion of art, culture, ambitions and technology, we will find a unified voice to express our creativity. The Goa Project is a trip, to discover, find mutual admiration, learn and redefine yourself and what you create, there on.

Track theme

Tap to the beat. Laugh out loud. Hit that note. Draw. Fill & Shade. Dramatize. Rise. Repeat. And within all of it, go figure how arts help you free up your mind, blur boundaries and dream. In this teach-in play-out format, we explore great ideas in music, art, theatre and technology with an Indian context. Inspired by a country with countless rivulets of cultures, this thread will make a deliberate attempt to cross over various arts genres and talk trend. Since the 90s, two major movements have transformed the way we perceive each other – internet and the globalisation of culture via media. Music, theatre, photography, dance have gone beyond the classical and the commercial; independent performance this time fuelled by the rise of social media and start-ups rather than mainstream media. Are you riding this wave? Are you an enthusiastic artist or an aspiring venue owner? Perhaps you have set up a festival amongst beautiful landscapes or concrete jungles. If you are contributing to this beautiful eco system, come be a part us, and lets learn a little bit more about each other.


Each format laid out here has an underlying theme of trend-defining concepts and case studies, innovation and out of the box ideation in Performing Arts and Music. Taking from there, we your participation in each session. Every session topic here comes listed with examples to give you a sense of what we are thinking.


Session 1 | There is no box, there are no corners | (60 mins)

Format: 6 short presentations

Here are 2 examples that we loved that make periphery the mainstream and turned the core inside out. Have you been a part of something that engaged the audience in a way never done before? Have you been part of something insanely great? Did you break the fourth wall? Tell us all about it!

  1. To perform Stockhausen’s Helikopter-Streichquartett you’ll need four helicopters and a string quartet. A moderator introduces the musicians, each of whom boards a helicopter, and the four perform the piece while circling the auditorium at a distance of 6 kilometers. The audience watches and listens via audio and video monitors. At the end, the helicopters land and the musicians re-enter the hall to the sound of slowing rotor blades. Link:

  2. Beyonce at the American Billboard Awards

Session 2 | Crowdfunding for the Arts | (75 mins)

How to Build a 'culture of giving' Format: Panel and Presentations

Don't have money to fund your art project? Get it from your community. Send us your problem and our panel of experts will demystify the crowdfunding movement.

Session 3 | Reimagining Krishna | (45 mins)

Format: Presentations

Reimagining Krishna. In music, dance, animation, theatre. Send us your proposals and you'll get 10 minutes for your presentation

Examples Abhiskek Singh: Krishna

Session 4 | Music and Technology | (75 mins)

Format: Presentations

In music, it is the human capacity to bend sound in whether in his voicebox or an instrument that has been considered to be of the highest order in musical creativity. In this context, how has technology redefined the expression and the experience. Open ground. Bring your ideas, products, concepts in.

  1. Taal and Beat:Finding Charanjit Singh (Ten Ragas To a Disco Beat
  2. Marc-André Hamelin composed Circus Galop for player piano — it’s impossible for a human to play, as up to 21 notes are struck simultaneously:

Session 5 | Performing Arts and Music on the Campaign Trail | 45 mins

Format: 4 Presentations

Note for Vote and Drama for the Dark Ink. How the arts are being made integral to the political process. Our examples and your proposals

  1. Word, Sound & Power - 2010

  2. Arvind Vegda and the cult of NaMo

  3. Janam and Street Theatre

Session 6 | Workshops | 2 hours

  1. Movement Photography Workshop
  2. Contemporarizing Indian Raga
  3. Music Access: Interactive Performances and how to engage the audience
  4. Theatre Clowning
  5. BeatBoxing
  6. More to come. So stay tuned!

Commitment to Sharing

We believe in open source as the binding force of our community. What you share, will be used in the Goa Project Communities, videos recorded (unless specicially asked not to - for a off-the-record topic) will be shared with the audience and the community around The Goa Project.

Speaking submissions

You can submit a proposal to speak at The Goa Project (and can nominate others too - please let them know you nominated them) via the submission funnel below. Please describe your proposal in as much detail as possible. Detail is important if you'd like to be voted up into the schedule. In particular, we want to hear why you/nominated are the best person to be delivering a talk on your proposed topic.

Your submission will be up for public voting for up to a month before the event. For the final tally, we will only consider votes from event delegates (Ticket holders), as a way to ensure participants get exactly what they pay for.

This event also has a Program Committee (Track Managers) of selected individuals from the community whose votes have additional weight, and whose charge is to help you refine your proposal and prepare it for the event. The Track Managers are responsible for ensuring that the final schedule meets the high quality standards that participants expect.

Making a funnel submission does not guarantee final selection. Selected speakers will get a free ticket to both days of the event (limited to one speaker per proposal). Proposers whose talks/sessions are not on the final schedule will be able to purchase tickets at the prevailing rate for the day on which they made their proposal.


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