March 29, Track I

About The Goa Project

The Goa project is an attempt of a volunteer-run, passionate individuals who are entrepreneurs, designers, artists, musicians and the likes to create a forum where they can speak beyond the languages of their profession. We are young, energetic and as such the forum is not for the "done and retiring", but for the "up and coming" generation, and the hope is that through the fusion of art, culture, ambitions and technology, we will find a unified voice to express our creativity. The Goa Project is a trip, to discover, find mutual admiration, learn and redefine yourself and what you create, there on.

Track theme

The word ‘Society’ is an extremely complex term used to indicate the groupings of humans, their consequent impact on each other and their interactions with the universe. This track tries to piece together this complexity in 20 Monocles, which are broad and yet remain specialized streams of thought, action and stratification. Each Monocle will be examined by the participants of the track, and its ties to other Monocles will be explored through discussion, talks and visual mapping.

This is the list of Monocles: Cities/ Culture/ Education/ Economy/ Environment/ Gender/ Health/ Internet/ Knowledge/ Law & Justice/ Literature/ Governance/ Mobility/ Race & Ethnicity/ Sustainability/ Equality/ Social Networks/ Creativity & Expression/ Freedom/ Crime & Anomie

What you bring in?

We want to hear about stories of social change, what you have done differently to turn around the systems of decay, successful working models within the social sector and those who didn't make the cut, how is social media and technology playing a role here...the Creative Commons, the birth of the Occupy Movement, Right to Education and the City, Censorship, Anonymous Hacktivism, Human Development Index, Social & Participatory Democracies, Equitable Food Production, Open Source, Post-Oil Futures, Information Societies...

We would love to hear it all!!

Track Managers

Vidhya Mohankumar

Reserved Architect/ Impassioned Urban Designer/ Wishful Artist/ Avid Wanderer/ Constant Gardener/ Newly enthused Cook

Kavita Gonsalves

Architect/ Activist/ Designer/ Urban Conspirator/Baker/ Seamstress/ Star gazer/ Net forager


Session 1: Story Telling (90 minutes)

Introduce yourself. Tell us a story. Break the ice!

Session 2: Pecha Kucha (60 minutes)

6 minutes 40 seconds each to explain an idea/project. Participants can submit their 20 slides and 10 speakers will be selected.

Session 3: Criss-Cross (60 minutes)

Participants representing different monocles sit around a table in groups of 15-20 for rounds of conversation. At the end of the twenty minutes, each member of the group moves to a different new table. They may or may not choose to leave one person as the "table host" for the next round, who welcomes the next group and briefly fills them in on what happened in the previous round. Each round is meant to explore the intersections of the many monocles on the table. After the group discussions, table hosts/ individuals are invited to share insights from their conversations with the rest of the large group. Got a topic or issue that requires discussion or a question that requires answering or brainstorming? Bring it in!

Session 4: Current Rage (60 minutes)

Screening of news clippings, videos, movies or any other audio visual piece to spark a discussion. The videos will be contextualized to represent a combination of 3 or more monocles. Participants can submit thought-provoking audio-visual material for this session.

Session 5: Deconstructing & Proto-Timing (45 minutes)

Projects will get showcased and the group will analyse it to see how it can be refined to create a prototype for the issue that the project is addressing. This session will galvanize the collective expertise of the group to create a successful and cost-effective prototype. Participants can submit their own projects/ ideas to be showcased for this session.

Session 6: The Monocle Show (45 minutes)

A wrap up session during which the group will document the learnings of the previous 5 sessions.

Each of the presenters for any of the sessions need to base their talk, question, workshop etc on a combination of any of the three monocles. For example, 'Gender, Fear and Space' represent the set of combined monocles. Each proposal should contextualize how they are responding to the selected monocles.

Commitment to Sharing

We believe in open source as the binding force of our community. What you share, will be used in the Goa Project Communities, videos recorded (unless specicially asked not to - for a off-the-record topic) will be shared with the audience and the community around The Goa Project.

Speaking submissions

You can submit a proposal to speak at The Goa Project (and can nominate others too - please let them know you nominated them) via the submission funnel below. Please describe your proposal in as much detail as possible. Detail is important if you'd like to be voted up into the schedule. In particular, we want to hear why you/nominated are the best person to be delivering a talk on your proposed topic.

Your submission will be up for public voting for up to a month before the event. For the final tally, we will only consider votes from event delegates (Ticket holders), as a way to ensure participants get exactly what they pay for.

This event also has a Program Committee (Track Managers) of selected individuals from the community whose votes have additional weight, and whose charge is to help you refine your proposal and prepare it for the event. The Track Managers are responsible for ensuring that the final schedule meets the high quality standards that participants expect.

Making a funnel submission does not guarantee final selection. Selected speakers will get a free ticket to both days of the event (limited to one speaker per proposal). Proposers whose talks/sessions are not on the final schedule will be able to purchase tickets at the prevailing rate for the day on which they made their proposal.


To attend The Goa Project 2013, sign up for the event at

Submissions of proposals end on 11 March 2013 @7pm IST.

Status: Closed